The teachers who create Midori Pre-school have the required qualifications and predispositions to work with children. They are characterized by enthusiasm, passion, optimistic approach to life, and infect children with positive energy.



mgr Katarzyna Kilan

Midori Pre-school is a place where everyone feels at home, everyone is heard and cared for. People who create the kindergarten are characterized by empathy and understanding of the essence of childhood, which is joy in the eyes of a child. I am one of them. For twenty years I have been working with children in Poland and abroad. My pedagogical education at the University of Wrocław and Warsaw and numerous courses, including some in Ireland, allowed me to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to professionally perform this most beautiful profession in the world, which is being a teacher. Being with children every day, supporting their development, observing the progress, joy and pride in achieving new competences give me great satisfaction and confirm that being a teacher is not only a profession, but especially it is a vocation.


Privately, I am a mother of two children, I love books and green landscapes of Ireland.

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