Pre-School Idea

Midori Pre-school is a place with an artistic-language profile. During our work we are going to pay special attention to the artistic development of our little ones in order to awake their creativity and sensitivity to aesthetic values ​​of the surrounding world. At the same time we will support full development of a small child's personality - intellectual, social and physical. The main goal of our work is to bring up children who are happy, bold, coping well with life, have great contact with the environment and feel comfortable in the modern world. The motto of our kindergarten HAPPY CHILDHOOD best illustrates our goals, mission and approach to children.


We provide our children with the highest standards of care, upbringing and teaching. Due to the professional, warm and caring care of qualified staff, who loves working with children, cozy decor and beautiful garden with a playground, the child will feel safe and joyful. We want to create an atmosphere that allows children to grow and enjoy their childhood.


We co-operate with the Midori Music studio which is located in the same building. The studio offers a number of additional music classes and professionally equipped music rooms, creating conditions for developing musical talents as well as recording records.

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