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Welcome to us!
Welcome to us!

Join us for an unforgettable experience at our Summer this July 2024!

In July, the Private Kindergarten Midori Pre-school in Warsaw's Wilanów district organizes classes for 4 weeks from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Art classes and classes with a native speaker every day!!!

We encourage you to register!!
☎️ 530 788 871
☎️ 530 992 392

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About Us


About the Pre-School

We are a preschool run with passion and love for the child.

It is a place where everyone is heard and accepted.

We take care of the atmosphere, based on mutual kindness and respect.


Every day we focus on creativity, independence, comprehensive child development, learning foreign languages and contact with art and world culture. We have the children focus on their activities and strive for independence, building their faith in themselves and the world around them. In our kindergarten, all classes are held in two languages daily with a native speaker - Polish and English.

We collaborate with a team of wonderful, empathetic and caring International and Polish teachers with a vocation to be the best teachers of our little ones, who constitute qualified Pedagogical Staff.


The main goal of our work is to raise happy, multi-talented, bold children who can cope well, have great contact with their surroundings and feel at ease in the modern world.

The motto of our kindergarten HAPPY CHILDHOOD, best illustrates our goals, mission and approach to the Little Big Human. :)


Midori Pre-school is located in the charming Royal Wilanów district at 86 Rumiana Street in Warsaw. It has a beautiful garden and a playground.

The preschool is easily accessible from main streets and has a parking spaces for our guests.


Midori Preschool invites you!!!



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